Throughout their educational journey, the Mission: HVAC students have been taught several safety measures. So, we asked them to share with us a few tips everyone should practice on the jobsite.

Derick: Safety – Fundamental to All Trades

Safety is an ongoing precaution when going to work every day.

First, be aware of your surroundings. Being aware of your surroundings ensures you take the proper steps to complete the job.

Second, check in with the onsite job supervisor to ensure a proper safety brief has been made.

Third, ensure you have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Having the proper PPE will allow you to do the job safely and successfully.

Fourth, understand the job. Knowing what you are working on helps to ensure you are familiar and feel confident with what you need to do.

Finally, have – and use – common sense.

I have learned from past experience that taking these measure when working on a jobsite will help ensure you make it home every day. During my time in the military, we went through what is called Planned Incremental Availability (PIA), which is basically overhauling the ship. We had to wear PPE daily, including a hard hat and goggles, due to the amount of construction happening on the boat. In the HVAC trade, we apply the same standard when it comes to working in or around HVAC equipment.

Following safety measures can help ensure success in every job – and may save your life.