Traditionally, building containment areas in abatement and remediation jobs has involved using two different tapes; the first, a painter’s tape to mask off and protect the doorway, window, floor or other surface area, and the second, a duct tape to hang the poly sheeting that is used to contain off the area. Today, many contractors bypass this two-step process in favor of a faster, one-step method which is made possible by using double-sided tape.

Double-sided tapes are used to build containment systems for the removal of asbestos, mold, fire or water damage, and other hazardous materials. The double-sided tape allows contractors to eliminate a step and hang poly sheeting faster than with the two-step method. These tapes that are designed for abatement purposes are built with the lightweight adhesive of a painter’s tape on one side, to ensure clean removal when applied directly to a doorframe or other surface that needs to be protected, and the stronger, quick stick adhesive of a duct tape on the other, to adhere firmly to heavy poly sheeting. Many abatement contractors prefer to use a double-sided tape for the simplicity and time savings it offers over the traditional two-step method.

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