Author: Daniel Pierce

What makes electrical tape different from other adhesive tapes?

Electrical wiring and phasing tasks call for a specific type of tape – electrical tape – in order to safely get the job done. But what exactly is it that makes electrical tapes so different from duct tapes, polyethylene film tapes, and others? Electrical tapes are typically made with a polyvinylchloride (PVC) backing and a non-corrosive rubber-based adhesive. The backing is what gives it the ability to stretch and conform to cables and wiring. This stretch is a critical characteristic of electrical tapes because it allows the tape to wrap tightly around cables for long-lasting insulation. Most cloth, film,...

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What does each color of electrical tape represent?

Electrical tapes come in a rainbow of colors, but for a purpose beyond being colorful. Each color of electrical tape represents a certain voltage level and usage designation for phasing tasks. Study up on what each color signifies so you can be prepared for whatever the job demands.   For more information on choosing an electrical tape for your next job, visit...

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